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OTSW focuses on documentation of events and users on spinoffs of Roblox Forums' Off Topic community. .

The Newsroom

December 3rd, 2015: FlamingDinner makes some more retarded statements to people and threatens OTTD, only to be rebuffed yet again for being unlikable. Not content with just vaguely threatening people over Steam however, FD joins OTTD for about the 127th time and pens up a 674 word butthurt novella crying about a medley of topics.
December 2nd: OTTD 1.0's acquisition is announced formally. Subsequently, the site is converted to the Thundervault.
November 4th, 2015: The 2015 OTx Awards take place with seven awards being handed out.
October 2nd, 2015: The original OTThunderdome passes into the hands of Oaky over a year after it was destroyed by amsk8r.



Wiki is currently in the process of being spruced up a bit; shit's a pretty big mess right now because I a bunch of pages to rewrite and source so please bear with us while this goes on.

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  • That the OTSW has about 230 pages right now?

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why are you so condescending about OT, though?

you heavily generalize what is really at this point a minority of posters who post garbage, and disregard anything and everything that disproves your irrational hate for this place


Zacmac discussing ROT, December 16th, 2014

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